Tango Teacher Roshan Warjavand | From dancer to private tango teacher and tango performer.

Read all about my own tango journey and teaching method

I am Roshan Warjavand, a tango teacher with a great love for the Argentine tango. My dance journey has led me from many dance floors and maestros around the world where I learned the fine nuances of this beautiful dance. Now I gladly share my passion and knowledge with you.

My tango dance and teaching philosophy

My love for tango goes beyond just the steps and movements; it is the emotional connection and dialogue that arises during dancing, both with my partner and with the music, that makes this dance so special for me. In my lessons, I emphasize this connection, as well as the technical skills needed to move confidently across the dance floor. I think it’s important that my students feel comfortable and have fun, while also discovering the depth of tango.

What you can expect from my lessons

I offer lessons for both beginners and advanced students. Whether you’re just starting out or want to refine your technique, I provide a supportive and friendly environment in which you can grow. My background in dance and my understanding of body movement help me to give tailored advice, adapted to everyone’s unique way of moving.

My original teaching approach: In my classes, it’s not just about the steps. I want you to really feel the music, to understand the movements, and to experience that unique tango feeling. I strive to inspire you, so that you not only learn to dance, but also fully embrace the passion of tango.

The tango culture: I introduce you to the world of tango culture, from dance etiquette to the impact tango has in Argentina and far beyond. This knowledge is not only interesting, but also helps you develop as a dancer.

Improvisation: One of the most beautiful aspects of tango is the freedom to improvise. I help you find your own expression within the structure of the dance. It’s a wonderful way to express yourself.

Getting the basics right: Good posture, balance, and body awareness are essential. I work with you on these fundamentals for a healthier and more beautiful dance practice.

The interplay of leading and following: Dancing tango is a subtle communication between partners. I teach you the nuances of leading and following, so that your dance becomes fluid and harmonious.

My involvement in the tango community

In addition to teaching, I am also active within the tango community, both locally and internationally. I love to participate in festivals and events, where I not only share my own dance, but also continuously learn from others. I bring these experiences back to my lessons, enriched with new insights and inspiration.

Are you curious about the world of Argentine tango?

Are you curious about Argentine tango and want to experience the magic of this dance yourself? I warmly invite you to come to my lessons. Whether you come alone or with a partner, you are welcome to be part of our tango community!

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