Tango lesson try-out / trial | Discover if the Argentine tango is made for you!

The Argentine Tango is a dance of passion and connection. An improvised dance in which the leader and follower enjoy the music together in a connected movement. If you like to learn quickly how to dance the Argentine Tango or, for example, you have problems finding a good partner, then a private Argentine Tango lesson is an excellent idea for you!

Start enjoying this beautiful dance and also get to know plenty of nice people at one of the salons in The Netherlands.

What is a trial lesson in Argentine Tango?

A trial lesson at Privéles Tango usually takes 1 hour. After the lesson, we will discuss how you experienced it and whether you like to continue. You can then decide that or think about it for a while and come back to it later. If you then decide to continue, it is possible to make agreements about the number of lessons, the duration, and the fee.

Privéles Tango offers various trial lesson options:

  • A general trial lesson for beginners: You will receive some information about the Argentine Tango, the basic steps, the etiquette, and the social activities that exist, and together we will see how much time you need to master the basics.
  • A trial lesson for intermediate and advanced tango dancers: If you can already dance but want to improve your technique, we will determine with a trial lesson how you are doing and on which points you would like to improve your dance level and technique.
  • A trial lesson in a specific dance style: The Argentine tango has many styles and forms. There is a tango waltz, a milonga, a tango salon (both open and close embrace) but also Neo tango, which involves other modern music and ways of dancing. It is also possible to take a trial lesson for a specific style, for beginning dancers as well as intermediate or advanced dancers.

Advantages of a private Argentine Tango lesson

  • No dance partner needed
  • You will learn from an experienced dance teacher
  • You will learn in 1 hour, what you normally will learn in multiple weeks
  • 100% dedicated attention
  • flexibility in time and place*

* The private lesson can be given in a studio or at your place (ex. travel expenses to your location).

Apply for a trial lesson now:

  • A private Argentine Tango lesson of 50 minutes
  • A brief introduction about the Argentine Tango in The Netherlands

Tango lesson prices:

Attention! Prices can vary a bit dependent on the teacher. You will always get a personal offer!

More information:

If you are interested and like more information about the private lessons Argentine tango for Expats. Please contact me and I get back to you as soon as possible.

Are you interested in our tango lessons?

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